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GUI Files (Graphic user Interface)

Northspace Instrument Panels

This is an attempt to improve on the appearance of the original Nadeo Instrument panel. There are three panels you can download from here: a multi-coloured one, a blue one and the original Nadeo one, which you can use to return to the original state if you want to.

Features of the Northspace Instrument Panels:
* The radar has a square grid and also a 'dartboard' whose lines are at 30 degrees.
* The instruments have transparent borders, allowing more scenery to be seen.
* The coloured panel has colours laid out to help the usage.
* The compass is marked to help calculate laylines.
* The button for manual sails turns red when acivated.
* The button for released sails turns red when activated.

The ideas for this panel are adapted from previous work by Badboys & Ronin.

Click the picture of the set that you want to use and download the installer. Save it & then run it. When you run the installer, you will be asked to select which version of VSK that you have on your PC.

Note: This installer will put the files in the default game version location on your C: drive, so if you have installed the game on another drive or location, you will have to retrieve the files & move them to your custom location.

Coloured Instrument Set

Coloured instrument set


Blue Instrument Set

Blue instrument set


Nadeo Instrument Set

Nadeo instrument set


Coloured & Blue Instruments have manual & released sails buttons which are red when active:

manual sails active
Released sails active

Notes on using the Compass

The picture shows a boat which has reached the layline for an upwind buoy.  The numbers in the middle are to show which colour of indicator to use when finding the layline.  So if you are using TWA 35°, then use the yellow ones for example.  When you are at the optimal TWA, the coloured indicator on the upwind side of the compass will show the CNM which will be shown when you are on the layline.  It's only accurate to 2-3 degrees and does not of course take into account any future windshifts.


Making your own changes to the Instruments & other GUI Files

Instrument Panel, Radar & Sail Graduations:

The file that controls the background colour of the instrument panel with the numbers on it is called UIBodyLightMap.dds and is found by navigating to the folder Program Files/32nd America's Cup/GameData>UI/Media/Texture/Image.    You can open this file and you can change the appearance created by it by altering the file in Photoshop. For example to make the numbers easier to find when you glance at them.   The one included in the picture above also has the advantage of leaving out the surrounding frame of the instruments, leaving a better view of the boat & water.   It's based on a concept that I first saw done by Badboys, and uses black in the alpha channel to make the overlay transparent.

Before you change any file like this, first make a copy of the existing file in case you want to go back to it.   You can do this by right-clicking the file and selecting copy, then paste.   Then download the replacement you want to use and paste it into the folder to replace the original.  Or alternatively make your own new file by making alterations with Photoshop or another image making programme that will handle .dds files.

You can do the same thing if you want a grid on the radar.   This time the file is called UIBodyColor.dds and is in the same folder.   Dont forget to save the original by copying it first, before you change or replace it.

Graduations: This file creates the graduations on the sail slider, towhich you can add colour. This is useful if you are in Simulation Mode with manual sail trim and want to record or remember where the best place for the slider is. The file is UIGraduations.dds and is in the same folder. Don't forget to make that copy 1st.

Other Files: You can change the colours of the buoys, motor boats, committee boat etc if you want to.   These files are found in Program Files / 32nd America's Cup / GameData / Common / Media / Texture / Image. Of course, any changes will only be seen on your own computer - not by the other players on the internet, unless they have replaced their files with yours.


Files you can download here

Transparent Sails for Default Boat:

The VSK5 Default Boat is seen when you are playing online and you have not yet downloaded the other player's skin.   It has opaque white sails which makes it difficult to see the buoys etc when you are at close quarters.   To make the sails transparent, you can download an installer from here for the files that control how the sails look.  

Click Here to download the Installer for the Blue Version. Unzip the installer and save it on your PC desktop or an alternative convenient place.


Then navigate to the place on your PC where the original files are and make a copy of them.   Usually this is C :\Program Files \ 32nd America's Cup {or your game version}\ GameData \ Vehicles \ Media \ Texture \ Image.  Locate the files and make a copy of each one in case you want to go back to it.  

Finally run the installer you have downloaded from the link here.   You'll be able to see the results the next time you are playing online with an opponent whose skin you haven't downloaded yet.


Puff & Lull:


You can make the wind puffs & lulls on the water more obvious by changing the contrast in the PuffLull.dds file that controls this.   You will find this file in the folder  Program Files \ Your Game Version\ GameData \ Common \ Media \ Texture \ Image.  

Click here or the image above to download an installer for the new Puff & Lull file.   This file was updated 20th April 2013. Unzip the installer and save it on your PC desktop or an alternative convenient place.

With some computers (Laptops it seems), the Puffs & Lulls dont display well with this changed file. If you want to return to the original Nadeo File, then download the following installer which will replace the new one with the original file.

Click here to download an installer for the original Nadeo Puff & Lull file.

The idea for this file was first developed by Artemesia.

Replacing Original Nadeo Acc Skins

A Mod that installs modified Nadeo Skins with transparent sails that you alone will see.
It only works for the skipper who has the mod installed. He will see the modified skins.
Installing it on your PC will not affect how your skins are seen by everyone else.

Click here to see details ...