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I have played Virtual Skipper for several years from VSK1 until now. At first I remembered the races (good and bad!) but after a while, I realised that it was the people I met who remained in my memory, long after the races had been forgotten.

Riccardo, the skipper of Artemisia, remains vividly in the memory of his many friends in VSK. Indeed he had only friends in Virtual Skipper, where he was was admired, respected and liked universally. He was interested in how the game worked & shared his ideas readily - he was the first to present the Puff & lull file to us, so I remember him every time I see a puff coming!

The Video below is made by the skipper of 'Cocal' (with some family help!) as a tribute to the skippers who have been part of Lupidimare where the spirit of Artemisia continues.

Click here to play video


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