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Downloading Files - Skins

Notes on how to download Skins

VSK5 Skins

Skin files are .zip files. They should not be unzipped but simply downloaded & saved to the correct place in the game.

The best place to put them is in your Documents Folder under the Game Files location. You will need to make a new folder there to receive the skin files.

For VSK5, navigate to C:\Users\{Your user name}\Documents\VSK5\Skins\Boats

For VSK5online, this is C:\Users\{Your user name}\Documents\VSK5Online\Skins\Boats
For 32nd Amercica's Cup this is C:\Users\{Your user name}\Documents\32nd Americ'a Cup\Skins\Boats

Make a new folder called 'Acc' in the Boats folder that you have navigated to.

Then click on the download link and take the option to Save the file to that 'Acc' folder. Do not unzip the skin zip file. Just leave it alone.  

You can download the Northspace Wooden Hull skin by clicking here

Using VSK4 Skins in VSK5
If you put VSK4 skins in the VSK5 folders, you will be able to select the boats and sail them.   However the Acc boat has such a different skin layout that really it's not possible to alter it to work in VSK5 - a new skin is needed.   But the other Nadeo boats in VSK5 (Melges, Offshore & Multi) have the same hull and sails - it's only the TeamMate that is significantly different.    If you like your crew to look like androids, then you can just go ahead & use the old TeamMate.dds without change but luckily the TeamMate.dds file that is used in the new Acc for VSK5 will work in any of the other Nadeo boats - so you can replace the original VSK4 one with a new VSK5 TeamMate.dds and the crew will look ok - and the boat will look fine in the VSK5 game.  This of course only applies to the Melges, Offshore & Multi.

Downloading Files - New Models

The imoca - one of the new boats

Notes on how to download New Models

Usually when you download a new model from a website, you get an .exe file, which is the installer. Just put it on your PC wherever you normally put downloads, so that you can find it again easily. Sometimes this installer exe file is inside a zip file which will need unzipped before you can run the installer.

Once you have the installer .exe file, run it by double clicking the icon and it will offer to install the boat to a default folder.   This will probably be My Documents\32nd America's Cup on your C drive - which is the correct place for most players who have 32nd America's Cup game, with or without the patch.  Accept this default and the installer will put the boat model and any associated skins in their correct place on your PC without you having to do anything manually. If you are using VSK5 or VSK5online, then the folder names will be different and you will have to make sure the correct ones are shown in the installer - browse to the folder in your documents which is called 'VSK5' or 'VSK5Online'.

Note: the installer will make a folder 'Boats' in your game folders under 'Documents'. You do not have to create this folder manually or find it yourself. The installer will put the files there by itself, so long as you have made sure the game version is correct in the desination window of the installer.

RC44 model Download

The installer was made for the 32nd America's Cup version of VSK by TOM. Download and unzip the zip file to find and run the exe file to install the boat. Change the location to the VSK5 or VSK5Online folder in your Documents (depending on which game version you have). You can do this during the installation in one of the screens.

Imoca Model Download

TP52 Model Download

Help- I cant find the Boat!

If you cant find the boat model in the game it's very likely that it's not in the correct folder. The installer will have a default folder selected (often 32nd America's Cup) and you will need to change this to your game version in one of the installer's windows during installation. You can confirm where the boat file has gone by browsing to your Documents Folder & looking for the boat file under the three possible locations (32nd America's Cup, VSK5 and VSK5Online).


The following Boat models are a selection from the ones that have been available on various sites (you will usually have to register with the sites to be able to download them). Have a look at Downloads Pages on the sites in the Northspace links page. Some models are hard to find. Start with KD Team and MLS.

AC90, America, Farr 40 v2, Fireball, Groupama 3, imoca, Libera A, Orange II, Orma v2, Mach2 Moth, Maxi-Cat, Melges Cube, MustoSkiff, Platu25, Open 6.50, RC44, Sprinta Sport, Star, Stealth 8, TP 52, Volvo 70, VX70, 420er, 49er.

The Editor

'The Editor' is a strange high-speed motorboat that will travel through land too. It can be used look quickly at maps in the game editor.Click here to download the installer (installer remade Feb 2014). Use sail release button to control the speed.

The World Map

This is an amazing add-on which puts a map of the world on to a Nadeo sea. The concept is to make make land and scenery objects as '3rd party' boat model objects. It is a tour de force. One result is that you can only join this race online if you have installed the World Map on your PC. Click the world map image to find the installer at Virtual Winds (you need to register with the site).

Note: registration with Virtual Winds is not working at the moment, so while this is the case you can download a zip file containing the installer by clicking here

World Map