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Replacing Original Nadeo Acc Skins

This mod means that you will see different skins, which will replace the original Nadeo set.

It only works for the skipper who has the mod installed. He will see the modified skins.
If you are using a Nadeo skin, or you are using the free game (VskOnline), then installing this mod on your PC will not affect how your skins are seen by everyone else.

We all start VSK with a set of Acc skins from Nadeo. Most skippers prefer that you dont use them in the multiplayer game because their sails are not very transparent. But if you have the free game (VSKOnline), then even changing to a new skin will not solve the problem because online, the other skippers will see a random original Nadeo skin. Some hosts will kick all boats using a Nadeo skin.

This mod is designed to change the appearance of the Nadeo skins as seen by you. This means that the skipper using the Nadeo skin will see no change. Only skippers who have this mod installed will see the new skins with the transparent sails. The original design will be seen on the hull. I'm hoping that if you install this mod, you wont need to kick the guys with Nadeo skins anymore and will actually enjoy sailing along with them.

You cant just copy & paste a new set of Nadeo skins over the old ones because the game will download the originals again, one by one. We need to alter the way the game checks the validity of the skins (done by a file called checksum.txt).

* Note: Step 2 requires you to delete all files in the Cache. This means that for a period of time you will not see the personalised skins of the other players, until your game has downloaded them again - usually a few skins each game. If this will be a problem for you, stop now.

Method: Dont miss out any steps!

1. Go to the Nadeo Acc Skin File Location - c:\Program Files (x86)\[Game Version]\Game Data\Skins\Boats\Acc . Make a backup copy of all the skin zip files that are there, in case you want to go back to them in the future.

2. Go to the Cache - This is in c:\ProgramData\[Game version]\Cache. You need to enable 'Show Hidden Files' via the Windows Control Panel to see the Cache Folder. Delete all files in the Cache Folder after reading the '* Note' above.

3. Download the Checksum File Installer. Unpack the zip and run the exe file, specifying which game version you use.

4. Download both sets of the original skins - Original Nadeo Skins 32AC and Original Nadeo Skins VSK5. Unpack and run both the installers to replace your current set of nadeo skins.

5. Launch VSK and go online. Go to the lobby but dont join a game server. Then close VSK.

6. Download the New Nadeo Skins Installer. Unpack the zip and run the exe file, specifying which game version you use. This will place the new skins in the correct place and you should see them in the game instead of the Nadeo originals.

List of Downloads

Checksum File Installer : This puts a checksum.txt file in documents/vsk version/config. This file contains the values for the original nadeo Acc skin files.

New Nadeo Skins Installer : This puts the new skins with transparent sails into Program Files(x86)/game version/GameData/Skins/Boats/Acc. There are skins for all the VSK5 and 32AC versions.

Original Nadeo Skins 32AC Installer : This puts the original Nadeo Skins for 32nd America's Cup into Program Files(x86)/game version/GameData/Skins/Boats/Acc.

Original Nadeo Skins VSK5 Installer : This puts the original Nadeo Skins for VSK5 and VSK5Online into Program Files(x86)/game version/GameData/Skins/Boats/Acc.

Thanks to Artur, Egon, Von Reuffen and Seaton for their help with this project.