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Why remake your Profile File?

There are occasions when you may need to remake your profile (eg if it gets corrupted). Symptoms include the inability to select skins which have been been selectable previously and persistant inability to join the Nadeo servers, where previously this has been no problem. It's not something to do readily and should only be considered as a last resort before needing a full re-install of the game.

Important - you will need some information first.

Make sure you know your original login name, player key, password and the email address you gave when you first installed the game. You may need them during this process.

Now make a copy of your Profile file.

You can find this at C:\My Documents\32nd America's Cup\Profiles. It will be called something like Yourboat.profile.gbx. It is important to copy this file to your desktop (or somewhere you can retrieve it from) if there are problems with deleting the file later. Do not leave this copy in the original folder.

Now delete the original Profile file.

Now make the game create a new Profile file.

First Restart/Reboot your computer. Then launch VSK. You will first be asked for your name - enter your original login name (boat name) here.

You will see a screen asking for your login information. Some or all of the information may be shown already - if not, fill it in.

Now the game will ask you to confirm that you wish to create an account in the name of your Login and when you click 'yes', it will compare this info with that held at Nadeo and if all is well it will tell you that the account has been successfully created.

Remake your settings

Your boat skins for each class will need reselected and your remapping of the control keys will need redone. Hopefully you will remember to do this before you next race online!

Now your profile file will be as small a size as possible & you will be helping to enable races with big boat numbers to be held more easily.