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Incident Replays & You Tube Videos

1 - Find the incident on a VSK Replay

VSK saves every race as a replay automatically. It over-writes these saves every time you launch the game, so if you know you will want to examine a replay, save it under its own name during the game, via the escape key menu. If you want to find the name of the most recent Autosave, then you can find them here:
C:\Users\{your name}\Documents\{your game version}\Tracks\Replays\Autosaves.

Launch the game & use the Menus:- Editors / Replays / Replays /
You will see the replays you have saved during play & the folder for the Auto-saves.
Select a replay's name and then [Edit]. This will start the replay screen :

You can click & drag the Timeline Slider to arrive at the part of the race you want to see.
Click on the Boat Names icon if you want to see them.
Hold the right mouse button down to swing view around.
Zoom using the mouse wheel.
Use the Arrow keys and Page Up and Page Down keys to move your viewpoint to the best place.
Click on the Play icon to watch the action.
Press the TAB key to expand the game window. Restore the menus by pressing TAB again.

2 - Use Bandicam to Record the Game Replay and make a file that you can upload to YouTube

A programme such as Bandicam can be used to record what happens on the VSK screen, both during a race and also while using the Replay Editor.

Here is a Video Tutorial of how to make a Movie of an incident on a replay. Using these settings, the Bandicam avi file can be edited if you want in, for example a Sony Vegas Movie editing programme, or simply uploaded to YouTube. If you know you wont want to edit the file, it's bette to select MP4 format in Bandicam instead of avi, because it will result in a smaller file size.

Select 'Full Screen' to see Video details




Correcting Replays that are too short

Sometimes the replay will not show all the race. When the host finishes the race, or goes into spectator mode, the replay will stop at the point where the host leaves the game. If you want to see the whole race, then this is what you need to do. (Click the thumbnails to see the full-size image).


Click on the yellow bar on the right hand end of the grey Time track to activate it (The yellow bar will become white).

  Now drag this yellow bar at the end of the Time track until it is exactly the same length as the white Interface track.

Take the Block End figure (it is given in minutes and seconds) and convert it into seconds. (In this example it is 28:06.95 >> 1686.95 seconds). Enter this new total in seconds (to one decimal point), as the new Time Value. (In this example it is 1686.9).


Now the replay should be complete & show the whole race accurately. In this example, you can see that all the boats have crossed the finish line now. Save the replay with a new name.

You can use Bandicam to record a fleet race, at the time you sail it. To avoid lag, it's better to use settings that create a smaller file and to downgrade the game's graphics a little. So dont use the preset 'very high quality' for this.

Here are suggested Bandicam settings....