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Guide to making a video of Virtual Skipper for YouTube

The basic idea is to use a programme called FRAPS to record your screen view while you are playing an arranged series of clips using VSK5’s Replay Editor.  Then to use Windows Movie Maker to format the FRAPS recordings so that they are suitable to upload to the internet.  Keep the movie short; 1 or 2 minutes only for your 1st effort. Video files are large and uploading & formatting takes a while. The intention of this guide is to give enough information to get you started - you'll find many more menu selections are available at every step which you can try out once you have got the idea.

Download FRAPS from http://www.fraps.com/   The free version is limited to clips of 30 seconds and has a FRAPS watermark.  The unlimited & unwatermarked version costs $37 at the moment.

Be careful to only minimise the FRAPS setup window. Closing it exits the programme


A new Block will have been added to the tracks, called Camera.  The block will by default last only 3 seconds and will be almost invisible at the start of the race and you need to extend it to cover the whole race, either by changing the time shown as ‘Block End’, or by dragging the yellow bar to the right in the Camera Track.  The area of the block will be red.



Note that you can left click & drag the keys closer together or further apart.  You can zoom in on that part of the track by right-clicking & dragging on the red block line.




Now use the red time indicator to move to another piece of action to make your second clip and repeat the steps you have just used for the first to control the camera positions and make the recording.   Don’t forget to save again.  Close VSK5 now.

Camera postion start of 2nd clip

Camera postion end of 2nd clip

You have now made 2 movie clips and they can be played in Windows Media Player if you want to admire them.  However if you want to put them together as a movie and upload them to a site like YouTube, you will need movie making software.  I have used Windows Movie Maker which will already be on your PC from your Windows installation and is accessed from All Programs.



You will see a blue timeline indicator over the video track which you can drag to any place in the clips.  When a clip is highlighted, a preview pane opens on the right with play buttons, allowing you to check whether you need to cut anything out. Use the ‘Clip’ menu to select ‘Split’ to mark the cutting place and then highlight & delete the bit of the clip you don’t want.

You can right-click over the 1st track & select ‘Fade Out’ to improve the transition from one clip to the next.

If you want to add some music to the background, then use ‘Import audio or music’ to collect a .WAV file and drag it to the Audio/Music Track where it can be clipped and faded just like the video.  In this example I have used ‘Poison Prince’ by Amy Macdonald.

Titles and Credits
Use the Expanded ‘Edit Movie’ menu to select ‘Make Titles or Credits' to create beginnings & endings for your movie.  Experiment to see what effect suits you best.

Create Formatted Movie

Once it is done, you can upload it to YouTube or wherever you have a suitable account.  Note that YouTube has a limit of 15 minutes and 2 GB on the file size.